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#HerStory with Aleesha Jadhav

"Growing up in a family steeped in the culture of public work, the idea of influencing my surroundings and contributing to society was instilled at a very young age. I always wanted to pursue a career that would enable me to give back to the community in which ever way that I could. Fast forward to when I graduated from law school in India, it dawned on me that I was more inclined towards pursuing a career in corporate law. My post-graduate education from an Ivy League University allowed me to have an in-depth and holistic understanding of the law. Interactions with a diverse peer group and world-renowned faculty made me truly value the importance of, and also hone my skills at networking. Something which is often neglected as a “prerequisite” in many countries including India. My learning and networks were particularly useful (in terms of advice, guidance and support) when I decided to take the leap of faith from the 'big law’ and venture into an unconventional path of pursuing an in-house opportunity at a very nascent stage in my career. All this being done while ensuring I continue my endeavours to support social causes. The transition was certainly challenging, however, after countless introductory emails and persistent follow-ups, here I am, currently working on three versatile projects, while also remotely supporting and collaborating with some of the finest non-profit organizations in the country. In hindsight, little was I aware that the power of networking would support and catalyze the alignment of my professional goals and social interests. Networking is an asset that probably no skill set can compensate for."

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