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#HerStory with Arushi Dikshit

Arushi Dikshit is an M&A and PE lawyer at AZB & Partners with an LL.M. from Columbia Law School.

“When you tell a layman you’re a lawyer, either of two images come to their mind. They either think you’re the kind of lawyer who argues cases from one court room to another in your black robe or that you’re the kind of lawyer who suits up everyday and spends most of your time closing big transactions in fancy board rooms. However, I want to take the opportunity of this forum not to talk about the drudgery and hard work that comes with this profession. Instead, I thought this was a great chance to step back and think about what it is that makes me feel happy about this field. I was in many ways fortunate to start my career in-house, where I often found myself in situations where professionals from various backgrounds would turn to us for advice when they found themselves in sticky situations. As a legal professional, having the ability to tie in your legal acumen with creative solutions for bespoke problems is perhaps the most fulfilling part about being a lawyer. Being the person who may not always be the most liked in the room, but someone who is most definitely required in the room. When I did my masters, I got the opportunity to meet several accomplished professionals from the legal field, and one common theme that strung along each one of us was our ability to reason and articulate our opinions. It is easy to lose sight of why you chose this profession with all the mundane activities and stress that comes with it, but once in a while, it’s great to remind yourself that you are a part of a truly solid fraternity. Watching your peers excel, host webinars, write about things they feel passionate about, and watching some of them actually make a difference serves as a great reminder that each of us have acquired a skill, that can be used in innumerable ways. I’d be lying if I said I wake up full of enthusiasm to do my job everyday, but there are moments which bring satisfaction and fulfillment which keep me going. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade the privilege of being a part of the legal fraternity with any other.”

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