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#HerStory with Devina Deshpande

Devina Deshpande is a Senior Associate at BTG Legal with a focus on technology, retail and business crime. She has previously worked at Linklaters LLP’s London and Dubai offices and at AZB & Partners. Devina enjoys yoga, reads extensively and will never turn away cake! “As intelligent, ambitious women, we often hold ourselves to a very high standard. And while excellence is indeed key, it can be self-defeating if your unreasonably high expectations of yourself riddle you with self-doubt and make you constantly second guess yourself for fear of not knowing enough, having done too little or simply not being good enough. Remember that you are not alone – we all feel out of our depth from time to time. Internalize positive feedback and don’t fixate on the negative. Don’t forget that you are where you are, because you are the best person for the job. Whom you work with is just as important as where you work. Very few things are as impactful to your experience as a junior lawyer as a supervisor or mentor who is invested in your growth. Someone who won’t just proclaim that you’ve got it wrong (and let’s face it, no one gets it right all the time!) but will also take the time to explain how you can do better. Someone who will bat for you, and who won’t think twice about taking your name in a room full of opportunity. People will never tire of asking how your life compares to Suits. The sooner you think up a go-to answer, the better!

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