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#HerStory with Hrideja Shah

“My law journey has been nothing but a series of hardships and failures that are shaping me into becoming a better, successful lawyer. My journey started with job search and clearing the California bar exam in the US. I had never failed in any exam before attempting the California bar. I studied for 12-16 hours a day, didn’t take enough breaks and kept to the bar-preparation schedule every single day. However, despite all my efforts, I failed in my first attempt at the California bar exam. Failing the exam had left a huge impact on my mental health. While preparing for the exam again, I was constantly nervous and I had become a lot more anxious. I started getting panic attacks and was afraid of failing again. When it was time to check for bar exam results, I was terrified to open my result and find out that I had probably failed once again. I started crying even before opening my result. However, my hard work and efforts had paid off this time. I am glad that I failed in my previous attempt. I would have never known how to handle failures otherwise. I had achieved every single goal prior to this. Had I passed in my previous attempt, any struggle or failure faced thereafter would have affected me a lot more probably. It is easy to say failure is a stepping stone to success but in reality, it’s not that easy to handle. It took me some time to regain my confidence but now I am not afraid of failures. I am aware that whatever I do, there will always be failures but learning how to overcome them has been my biggest achievement. I learnt one of the most fundamental lessons of life. For my job search, my journey was very similar. I drafted over 1000 different cover letters and I still have a holder of 50 different tweaked resumes/cover letters. Out of those 1000 applications, half never responded and 495 out of the other half were rejections. However, I never gave up. I am doing well in my career and have also recently started a new legal venture, Legal Sollers. I am also studying to take the New York bar exam next year!”

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