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#HerStory with Mrinali Menon

Mrinali Menon is an Intellectual Property and Technology lawyer who has practiced before various judicial fora in India. She is currently an incoming candidate at the Columbia Law School (2020-2021), and is looking to pursue her Masters in Law in the field of intellectual property, anti-trust, entertainment, and technology laws. She previously worked with the Litigation and Dispute Resolution team at Anand and Anand in the capacity of a Senior Associate. “My interest in pursuing law heightened during my stint with advocacy in the field of environment conservation in high school. Having spearheaded various environment campaigns, such as “anti-cracker”, “recycle your waste”, “source your power”, my desire to become a “change-agent” bolstered my decision to choose this profession. As I continued to navigate law school, my interest towards protecting ideas and innovations attracted me towards the dynamic subject of Intellectual Property laws. The ever expansive beauty of this subject and its inter-connected facets in everything we use, made me realize the imperative need to protect the “intellect”, in return further propelling the individual’s desire to fuel, create and innovate his/her ideas. From assisting brand owners in protecting their IP to contributing to the subject through the beauty of litigation, my experience in this field of law has grown tremendously in this brief time itself. To further harness my knowledge and explore this subject and its intricacies, I decided to pursue my Masters in Law at Columbia Law School in the incoming year. As I proceed to hone the “change-agent” in me, my desire to protect the environment through innovation in green technologies with a suitable IP framework continues to grow. In addition to my professional interests, I continue to aspire and dream towards embarking on the Climate 2041 Research Scientific Expedition to Antarctica in the future. I hope that someday, we can sustain and progress in an ecosystem which balances the demands of contemporary society with passionate driven citizens seeking to protect this very environment for sustainable growth.”

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