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Trailblazing Women of Today: Suruchi Suri

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Nehal Gaikwad [Blog Contributor & Digital Artist, Team Her Forum]

“Be familiar with the law. We as lawyers have no excuse even though some of you may want to become corporate lawyers. Law affects every aspect of our lives. You must have a broader understanding of principles even if you do not intend to work in the field of women’s rights, or gender rights because it will not only develop you as a person, it will give you a better understanding of human beings, their complexities, and their basic rights. In society there is a complex layering and laws help to have a better understanding of those societal layers and what is acceptable, what is not, and to what extent we should protect the basic rights and liberties of women, children, men, and everybody.” - Suruchi Suri

I came across Ms. Suri for the first time when she hosted a webinar that sought to tackle the issue of mental health during the course of the lockdown. It was an initiative by the Delhi High Court Women Lawyers Forum called the Virtual Canteen wherein they hosted webinars on various topics. She hosted the webinar in a way that brought in sheer enthusiasm and channeled the positivity and light needed in the gloomy days of the pandemic. I was glad to have come across her since then. She was also kind enough to deliver a lecture on the topic of Protection of Women and Children: Rights, Issues, and Challenges at our college.

Ms. Suruchi Suri is an alum of ILS, Pune. She is a Partner at Suri & Co., New Delhi, and specializes in Litigation and Dispute Resolution. She has also worked as a junior with the Solicitor General of India, the late Mr. Ghoolam E. Vahanvati. She is a Counsel with sixteen years of experience in litigation and dispute resolution matters appearing before the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Delhi, and various other Courts and Tribunals in India. She has expertise in infrastructure laws, corporate and commercial laws for ports, electricity distribution companies, banks and corporate entities.

Ms. Suri has conducted training programs for the Young MCIA in association with HK45 on Emergency Arbitration in India and had speaking assignments conducted for the Young MCIA. She has spoken at International Arbitration Conferences organized by ICC India and Wolters Kluwer on Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in India. She was part of the Society of Indian Law Firms-Bar Association of India Delegation to the ABA Conference in 2017 and has also made a presentation on 'Institutional Arbitration in India' at the Offices of DLA Piper in Washington D.C. She has also been appointed as a Standing and Panel Counsel by various authorities like the Election Commission of India, Chief Election Officer, and The Delhi Development Authority at the Delhi High Court. The Union of India also impaneled her to represent the Department of Central Excise and Customs defending its Central Excise, Customs, and Anti-Dumping cases before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Last but not the least, she has worked at the National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, and prepared a Status Report for the Chairperson and Members of the NHRC on the implementation of The Vishaka Guidelines on sexual harassment of women at the workplace. She was also invited to speak at the second edition of the Bridge Talks organized by 'The Caravan' magazine in March 2018 on 'The End of Due Process?' and is often invited on News Channels such as NDTV India 24X7, and Mojo Stories as a Legal Expert to discuss matters of legal and general importance.

Shine on Ms. Suri and keep making an impact!

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