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Rebecca Thomas (Final year student pursuing the 3 Year LLB Program from Jindal Global Law School)


Like clay in the hands of a potter,

She is moulded for her suitor,

Tamed, suppressed, and dependent,

Concealing her dreams, desires, and aspirations,

She is as fickle as a dandelion,

Swaying from side to side,

While her family chooses to preserve (devour) her under the façade of a family name

“Don’t do this, don’t do that”,

They tell her.

While watching her every move like a hawk

Making possibilities within her reach an impossibility.

Hidden behind this facade,

Lies a woman of substance,

Unaware of her worth and value.

Education is a new-gen illusion,

A tool in the hands of Indian Families,

To portray themselves as forward contemporary thinkers,

While propagating traditional thought,

In the most subtle forms.

She is reduced to nothing but a flower in a vase on display.

At the end of the day,

She is caged in this place called Home.

P.S - This poem is not targeted at all Indian families. A lot of families genuinely support their woman and give them a platform! But the struggle is real, and several women still do not have the freedom of choice and the resources to move out and live their lives despite being educated.

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